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Our Nomad storage bags and thermal food bags are designed to fit inside Nomad boxes, but they can be used  separately as well.  They are quite practical as they allow you to remove your stored items from the box easily for use and leave the box in the vehicle.



Both bags are foldable while not in use and are moisture and water resistant. The two handles make lifting the bag out of the box easy. Enough space has been left between the bag and the Nomad Box to ensure that a fully stuffed bag will easily slip into the box. The heavy-duty zipper is thought for overland use.

A practical way to keep and organize your more delicate items in the Nomad Boxes. Though and designed with overland use in mind.

The Nomad Storage Bag has rigid sides and bottom, and a fabric interior lining that is perfect for your more personal belongings, such as clothes and toiletry items. It can also be used when you want to keep lose items from making noise rolling back and forth in a half empty box or as dry food storage bags. Side pockets have also been added to the ends of the bag. The Storage Bag comes with one divider, but more can be purchased separately.


The Nomad Thermal Bag is lined with an insulating sheet finished with a food grade foil. It is intended as a food bag, but due to the interior foil lining, you can also use it for anything that may require to wipe the interior of the bag clean. This bag also comes with a shoulder strap, so it can be used as a picnic bag or to fetch supplies from the local market.  It can also be used as a fridge bag with ice packs.


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Storage Bag

Storage Bag, Thermal Bag, Extra Divider

Dimensions and Weight

Nomad Storage Bag 25,8 Litre / 430x300x200 mm. / 0,90 Kg.
Nomad Storage Bag Extra Divider / 162x347x5 mm. (Flat) / 0,10 Kg.

Nomad Thermal Bag 25,8 Litre / 430x300x200 mm. / 0,75 Kg.


For whom are the Nomad Bags intended?

They are for those who want to store and transport their belongings in a more protected and organized way.

Do the thermal bags serve as food bags?

Yes of course. The Nomad thermal bag is lined with an insulating sheet finished with a food grade aluminum foil, and can be easily cleaned if it becomes dirty.

How is your storage bag different from the thermal bag?

The thermal and storage bags are basically a foldable car boot bag adapted to the size of the Nomad Boxes. The biggest advantage of our bags is that they are custom-made to fit inside Nomad Boxes, making the organization of the boot more efficient. Carrying the bags inside boxes means that they can be stacked without fear of crushing their contents.


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