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Our products have a high quality guarantee

Nomad Warranty

The Nomad boxes,  roof trays support for the  nomad boxes  are a design and manufacturing 100% Spanish, so they have the most reliable in terms of quality materials strength. The Manufacturing industries in Spain have rigorous quality controls and we offer products that offer a great durability. The entire process of our products  have the guarantee of European products.

In case a product is defective or damaged, contact the dealer where you purchased the product or directly  to  The Nomad Fox S.L. All products that are returned because of manufacturing defects or anomalies must include a copy of the original sale invoice or voucher of your purchase through the Web or an invoice of the store where you purchased the product. The Nomad Fox warranty is void if not presented with the original invoice or a copy available.

Subject to limitations and exclusions described in this warranty:

TheNomadFox will remedy defects caused by imperfections of materials by replacement of the defective product or repair (if required) without charge by the buyer; but nevertheless, TheNomadFox may choose not to replace the damaged or defective product  and pay an equivalent to the purchase price paid for the product or a credit that can be use for buying a new product in the store rate product. 

TheNomadFox will not validate the warranty when the damage to the item purchased is caused by improper use, aging use, effects of weather, rust, scratches, accidents, poor maintenance or a given product to TheNomadFox deemed inappropriate use. It This  warranty  will not count for defects resulting from no circumstances imputables to TheNomadFox . 

The warranty described herein are applicable to all products that comercialize TheNomadFox SL

 You can return your product for a store credita different product, or a refund to the original payment method.

For More Information see the Return and Refund policy