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Our Nomad Aluminium Boxes are especially rugged as they are made in 1,5 mm. thick Aluminium pressed sheets. A great multipurpose storage box that is a true classic.



The handles are spring-loaded and will fold down upon release. Their plastic cover ensures a good grip. The two retaining straps prevent damage to the hinges. Both draw-bolt catches have key locks and holes to fit padlocks.

The hardened Aluminium corner pieces on the lid ensure that when boxes are piled one on top of the other, they stack snuggly. The edge of the box has a rubber lip that ensures a tight seal and to avoid eventual damage to the lid upon repeated closing.

An equipment storage box with all the right details.

Metal boxes are always a classic in outdoor activities and overland travel, …and extra tough.

Dimensions and Weight

Aluminium Box 40 Litre / Exterior Dim. 435x330x275 mm.  / Interior Dim. 412x308x260 mm.   / 4,10 Kg.
Aluminium Box 70 Litre / Exterior Dim. 565x400x315 mm.  / Interior Dim. 540x380x305 mm.   / 5,60 Kg.


For whom are Nomad metal boxes intended?

They are ideal for those who have to store bulky items safely.

For what activities could this aluminum box be used?

Among many other uses, they are perfect for example for camping, hunting and fishing.

What can be stored and transported in this metal box?

Anything, especially bulky or dirty items that don’t require a waterproof case. We, for example, use them regularly to store the tent and tarpaulin from the ground when there is no other choice but to keep them wet until we get home. They are also ideal for carrying boots, life jackets, helmets and all kinds of outdoor sports equipment.

Can these aluminum boxes be carried on a roof rack or are they just interior 4×4 truck boxes?

It can be carried on the roof without forgetting that it is not completely waterproof, but it is perfect for storing, for example, water-resistant sports equipment. Wetsuits, goggles, diving fins, boots, etc.


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