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The Nomad Box is the optimum heavy-duty storage box for your gear. Designed specifically for adventure and professional fieldwork and travel. The best-rugged box for your needs!

Designed and manufactured 100% by us in the EU



Our Nomad Box has great stackability, with a great lock between boxes. Straight sides to maximize storage space and vertical load transmission (1).  Double-walled reinforced corners for maximum strength when stacking heavy loads (2), and the perfect size for packing your gear in your vehicle.

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  • Rugged reinforced design.
  • Two comfortable locking clasps on the short sides, which act as lift-and-open handles. (3)
  • Two lift handles on the long sides. (4)
  • Two main tracks for cargo straps on the top in the width-wise direction (5), and a strap-notch above the clasps for lengthwise strapping. (6)
  • Notches for holding down straps on the box below. This means that you can strap boxes in different levels if needed. (7)
  • Eight zip-tie holes to seal the box for extra safety in case of a fall or if you want to ship the box. (9)
  • Long holes on the corner reinforcements that allow bungee cord hooks to be inserted to tie lighter items on the tops of the boxes. (8)
  • Two rectangular boxes on the lid for label placement so you can identify the contents of the box. (10)
  • High impact resistant and low-temperature toughness injected Polypropylene copolymer (PPC).
  • Scratch-resistant lightly textured top and corners.
  • Available in Black, Olive, and Sand colour, all with light grey clasps.

The box and top are manufactured with polypropylene copolymer (PPC), which is highly impact and stress crack resistant. This material also retains well its characteristics at low temperatures.

Our aim is to adapt The Nomad Box to a wide variety of uses with the intent to simplify vehicle packing. The Nomad Storage and Thermal Bags are an example. One of the more important design elements we are currently developing is interior trays and accessories for different uses. The interior slots in the wall of the box are designed with the intent to hang these trays and accessories.

Much thought has gone into the design and choice of materials used. Proper tightness and practicality of the locking clasps. Ease of loading the boxes in either lengthwise or width-wise direction. Care has been taken that even if there are straps in the tracks of the two main tie-down tracks, you can still stack more boxes on top without interference. This means you can strap your boxes to different levels if needed. Attention has given in designing a longer and tight-fitting inner lip on the box top. The new mold and well-controlled injection parameters reduce warp and yield a better seal, making the Nomad Box more dust and water-resistant.

Designed and manufactured 100% by us in the EU, we feel The Nomad Box will satisfy the needs of the most demanding traveller or professional, and are confident it will become a classic in its own right.

Additional information

Weight 3.2 kg
Dimensions 51.7 × 40.4 × 23.3 cm
Colores Caja Nomad

Black, Olive, Sand

Dimensions and Weight

Interior Dimentions: 454x342x203 mm.
Exterior Dimensions: 517x404x233 mm.

Interior Volume:  31.5 Liters.
Weight: 3,20Kg.


For whom are Nomad storage boxes intended?

Nomad Boxes are the ideal solution for those looking for very rugged plastic storage box at an affordable price, halfway between high-priced professional boxes, and inexpensive boxes that lack the strength to withstand the rigors of extreme use.

Adventurers, athletes, hunters, fishermen and everyone who wants to transport their equipment safely. They are very resistant and can even be used to sit on top regardless of your size, or as a stool to climb on the roof of the vehicle!

For which activities could the Nomad Box be used?

Although we have designed them thinking about their use in adventure travel, their possibilities are very extensive. We see, for example, a lot of potential in the work and industrial field, where it is often necessary to transport or store tools or heavy items that need a box appropriate for the job.

What can be stored in the Nomad Box?

Almost anything that can fit can be stored. It can be used to carry anything from food, tools, your fishing equipment or even ammunition if you are a hunter. With the Nomad Bags you can even better protect and organize your most delicate things.

Is it a 4×4 box or is it suitable for any vehicle?

It is suitable for any vehicle or place whatever your need. We have customers who have mounted it on the front of the bicycle in Holland and others who have mounted it on the rear carrier of a motorcycle!

Can they be carried on a roof rack, or only in the trunk?

They can be carried on the roof rack perfectly. They are very resistant to dust and water. We recommend tying them using the cinch rails on the lids, as this further aids in good lid sealing.

Are they similar to Front Runner wolf boxes? What is the difference between them?

We have preserved everything that has made this quintessential design special, but we have tried to improve on its shortcomings, such as the clumsy box top clips and weakness of the lid, and incorporate and modernize other completely new design features and materials.

Are they the same size as the Front Runner wolf pack boxes? Do Front Runner accessories work with the Nomad Boxes?

A very frequently asked question. The boxes are the same size inside and out, so all kinds of accessories, bags, covers and fixings, whether Front Runner or other brands, will work with the Nomad Boxes. The design of the boxes is different, so they do not stack well one brand on top of the other.

3 reviews for The Nomad Storage Box

  1. Christopher

    Very Nice Products!!!!

    Chris, Italy

  2. Ángel Fuentes Moreno (verified owner)

    Hoy recibí mi Nomad box.
    Muy contento con mi compra, se ajusta perfectamente a mis necesidades.
    Robusta y práctica, encaja perfecta en mi maletero.
    Entrega rápida y bien presentada.
    Sin duda, repetiré compra.

    • thenomadfox19

      Muchísimas Gracias Ángel. Ha sido un placer saber que estas satisfecho con nuestro producto y muchas gracias por confiar en un esfuerzo de una pequeña empresa Española.

  3. Teppo Kattilakoski

    Great storage solution for overlanding. Very durable and firm. Material is good quality and feels nice, not like cheap plastic. Lid closing system is also good. Really good product.

    Teppo, Finland

    • thenomadfox19

      Thank You!

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