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Fridge Engel MT35, 32L, 12/24/230V



The MT35 model is one of Engel’s refrigerators par excellence. The MT35 has the properties that have made Engel one of the favorite brands of refrigerators in the market. It works with both DC and AC electricity as the most compact models, as well as having automatic voltage control and adjustable temperature from -18AC to +10AC. The MT35F has the same surface area as the popular MT45, but is 10 cm shorter for a total volume of 32 litres. With identical base measurements, the MT35F is 10 cm less in height for a total volume of 32 litres. One of the features that makes it a very suitable model for those who want to have more capacity inside.

Additional information

Weight 26.62 kg


Type Refrigerator or Freezer
Capacity (L) 32L
Ext. dimensions (mm) 647x408x364
Inside dimensions (mm) 380x270x270
Voltage (V) 12/24/230V
Material Enamelled steel plate
Colour Body light grey, lid dark grey
Energy consumption category A+
Weight (Kg) 21kg
Temperature range +10°C to -18°C, continuously adjustable
Power Consumption (12v) 32W


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