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Fridge Engel MT27, 21L, 12/24/230V



The Engel MT27F is the perfect choice if you are looking for a larger capacity cooler. The MT17F has the same surface measurements as the MT17F and MD14F but with an extra height of 10 centimetres so it has 5 extra litres than the other two coolers, adding up to 21 litres of capacity for 17 kg total weight. It can be comfortably transported by means of two side handles. It works with AC as well as DC with automatic voltage regulation. The MT27F cooler has a larger capacity and is therefore more suitable for families and groups of friends.

Additional information

Weight 20.4 kg


Type Refrigerator or Freezer
Capacity (L) 21L
Ext. dimensions (mm) 549x465x307
Voltage (V) 12/24/230V
ABS material
Colour Body light grey, lid dark grey
Energy consumption category A+
Weight (Kg) 17kg
Temperature range +10°C to -18°C, continuously adjustable
Power Consumption (12v) 32W


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