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Fridge Engel MD45 Platinum COMBI, 39L, 12/24V



From the new Platinum models comes the MD45 Platinum Combi. It has the characteristics of the MT45-P model, but with the quality of being a freezer/cooler at the same time in the same volume of 40L. This refrigerator has 3 different dispositions: 17 Liters freezer and 22 Liters refrigerator, 22 Liters freezer and 17 Liters refrigerator, obtaining with the interchange of the baskets and the turn of the divider, or the third alternative of 40 Liters total of freezer or refrigerator eliminating the division. It has a digital screen to know the interior temperature of the refrigerator and interior lights LED as well as indicator of low battery. Comes in an elegant silver-gold finish.

Additional information

Weight 28.5 kg


Type Refrigerator or Freezer
Capacity (L) 40L
Refrigerator capacity (L) 22 or 17
Freezer capacity (L) 17 or 22
Ext. dimensions (mm) 647x508x364 (without handle)
Inside dimensions (mm) 380x370x270
Voltage (V) 12/24V
Material Enamelled steel plate
Color Platinum
Weight (Kg) 23kg
Temperature range +10°C to -15°C, continuously adjustable, depending on use
Power consumption (12v) 32W
Digital Control”


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